In Loving Memory Of Our Founder Ella M. Kohlheim

My Journey Through Childcare By Ella M. Kohlheim written 2013

I am a child that was brought up in a large family, yes my Grandparent’s house with

lots of love, caring, and sharing. Always teaching , my family had plenty to eat from

their farm which had many various produce and meats. My family would

commonlyserve the community with several of our farm’s nutrients, from meats to just

plain peas. Also taking time to fish in the neighborhood pond affectionately known as

“Black Gut” pond. The community was quite important to us. I feel this is the time

when I discovered that people in a community mattered. My Grandmother asked me

one day if I thought we should use the old barn for Sunday school, to this I replied with

excitement “oh yes Mama, I can teach the Sunday school. She replied “yes” and we set

out to fix up the old barn. When this was done, I began my journey of teaching, which

continues to this very day.

After graduating high school I soon moved to the metropolitan area where I met my

friend and soulmate Edward Kohlheim and life began as soon as we were married. He

began working for the district government and I worked in a beauty salon, where I also

attended beauty school, this was fullfilling only part of me, but not as complete as the

Sunday school I once taught.

Later my husband and I pursued many business adventures from a funeral parlor, that

scared he and I both out of business quickly to a beauty salon of our own. This was

nice until the arrival of our first child Edward Jr. Followed shortly by Tyrone. This would

never work in a beauty salon, so I went home. We sold the shop and invested into our

former home as a daycare center for the community of Holly Park. We chose this name

of the community to show this name to show family oneness with the community that

we loved so much. I started with my own two children, which I made my husband pay

tuition for so I could have a paycheck but he only paid twice. I had one other student

whose parent paid tuition.

Gladly, the President of Holly Park Civic Association enrolled her child beginning my life

long career journey in child care as well as community politics supporter.

Childcare has been very fulfilling to me allowing my Sunday school hunger to suffice as

well as educating the future, of which many of my now parents were my past students.

This says a lot to me when I think back to the beginnings of the past 40 plus years of

childcare. Much has changed and much has stayed the same but for me there is no

retirement plan from what I love so much, community childcare services.

40 plus years of childcare